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KRON 4 Classics

No one covers the Bay Area the way we do right here at KRON 4 and  Over the years of bringing you great stories about the people and places that make this such a special place to live and work, we've found a few people and found ourselves in a few situations that are truly memorable.  Here are a few of our favorite moments in videos that have sometimes gone viral.  From Gary Radnich trying to do his sportscast during a fire drill to Mark Jones introducing us to Bubb Rubb, the King of the Whistle Tips, to Steve Newman's peek at the future of newspapers online, we invite you to sit back and enjoy these videos.  If you have a favorite KRON 4 moment that's not included here, let us know and we'll see if we can  make it available for you.

Gary Radnich Bleeds During Sportscast

You've heard of athletes who "leave it all on the field."  Well, they have nothing on KRON 4 Sports Director Gary Radnich.  Just moments after cutting his ear while playing with his son, Gary went on the KRON 4 Evening News with Pam Moore and Chris Murphy with blood flowing "profusely" from his earlobe. As they say, the show must go on, so thanks to KRON 4 News Director Aaron Pero's delivery of a bandage, Gary was able to complete his assigned task with his usual self-deprecating good humor.

Norm Kinney Retires from KRON After 40 Years

If you want to know how much the television business has changed over the last 40 years, there's no one better to ask than KRON 4's own Norman Kenney.  Norm started out in the 60's in the KRON 4 mail room but quickly got a colleague to teach him how to edit film.  Over the years, Norman was mastered changing television technology from film to video tape to digital video.  He's worked with some of the top artists in the Bay Area and the world including such luminaries as Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald, and lifelong friend Richard Pryor.  Now Norman sits down with KRON 4's Gary Radnich to relive some of the best moments from his four decades at KRON.

The Future of the Internet - 1981 Style

Would you wait two hours to download a copy of today's newspaper?  That's what early adopters of a then-new technology found out in 1981 as San Francisco and Oakland papers made their first forays into the online world.    KRON 4's Steve Newman explored the future of what would become the Internet in this report from 1981

Mark Jones Talks Whistle Tips with Bubb Rubb

Whistle Tips go "Whoo! Whoo!"  That's how KRON 4's Mark Jones introduced the world to Bubb Rubb, an Oakland muffler shop worker who couldn't contain his excitement about the devices.  Whistle tips are little pieces of metal inserted into mufflers that created a high-pitched noise that you can hear from a mile away.  Eventually Oakland police started cracking down on the whistle tips not long after this 2003 broadcast but that didn't stop Bubb Rubb from capitalizing on his two minutes of fame on KRON to become an instant Internet celebrity.

The KRON 4 Fire Drill

You might not think it would be any laughing matter when a fire alarm goes off during the middle of a KRON 4 newscast... that is, unless Gary Radnich is on the set.  Gary tries to keep on plugging with his story about advertising at Churchill Downs while the alarm blares in the background.  Eventually he gives up on that and the whole crew sits back to enjoy the moment.  The real star of this 2006 episode is KRON 4's Mike Poe who uses remarkable ingenuity to find ways to plug and cover the sound of the KRON 4 Fire Drill.

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