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Jacqueline Bennett
Created by Brian Shields on 9/18/2009 3:07:00 PM

Jacqueline Bennett started forecasting the weather at KRON 4 in November of 2008.  Prior to arriving in the Bay Area she was an anchor/reporter at KIVI in Boise, Idaho.  While It does not snow as much here, she knows how varied the weather can be in the Bay Area with the micro-climates and big shifts in temperatures.

Jacqueline was born and raised in Southern California and attended San Diego State University before heading overseas to study in Madrid.  She then returned home to earn her second degree at Cal State Northridge.  Jacqueline’s educational pursuit continues as she is currently attending San Francisco State Univeristy.

Having grown up in L.A. she is a big fan of the Los Angeles Kings and LA/Anaheim Angels.  In her spare time Jacqueline enjoys heading to the beach and wakeboarding.

You can watch Jacqueline deliver the Bay Area’s most accurate forecast weeknight’s at 4, 5:30, and 11pm.


  1/7/2011 7:17:52 AM

Sunshine Everyday 
Jacqueline you make the sun comes out even when it's a rainy day. You do a very professional and articulate job. You're the reason I watch the weather report.Stay beautiful as you are and also a world class.
  1/5/2011 9:59:40 AM

main reason 
Dear Jacqueline. Thank you for bringing a thorough and informative weather forecast. You are the main reason why I watched KRON 4 news every day. As everyone would agree, you are very beautiful, sexy, classy and smart. You are the "sunshine" and light up everyone's life with your beautiful smile when you give the forecast. Keep up the great work and PLEASE don't leave the bay area. It would be very sad to see you go to another state. KRON 4 news would never be the same without you. You are the best at what you do and I love you.
  11/10/2010 7:07:03 AM

Love your forecasts 
Jacqueline, you kick ass! Every morning, you let me know whether to leave with my beach hat or umbrella. People always wonder how I know so much about not just today's weather, but tomorrow's too. Thanks Jacqueline. Keep up the great work!
  10/6/2010 9:53:25 AM

for some reason i'm hooked on kron4 weather. love the friendly banter between jacqueline and gary. hope kron 4 never lets go of her. btw... LOVE the different outfits ;)
  9/16/2010 7:17:39 PM

Hot Weatherwoman 
Hi Jacqueline, you are the only reason I watch kron4 weather. you look great and beautiful and wonderful and especially I like every dress and clothes you wear. you are attractive woman, you bring out the professional what you do. you are the best weatherwoman in bay area. keep up the good work, I'll support you:-) cheer thanks for reading my comment
  9/9/2010 10:42:00 AM
Big Dog Gus 

Great job keep it going
  9/3/2010 11:38:16 PM

Pure Class 
It's nice to see an attractive woman who doesn't fit what for so long has been called the blonde bimbo mold. You are not only beautiful but very smart and professional. Your forecasts are great and very informative giving me just what I need. I also e-mailed you and you actually returned my e-mail which I thought was very classy. Keep up the great work! You make kron THE place to watch for news and weather!
  8/27/2010 6:07:57 PM

New Comment 
You're the only reason I watch the weather weekday afternoons.
  7/31/2010 7:52:46 AM

Brains and Beauty ? 
whos gonna be the lucky guy.
  7/27/2010 5:58:46 PM

New Comment 
Hi Jacqueline, We've read your posts an agree you are beautiful, professional and do a great job. We also think you would be just as beautiful as a brunette.
  7/21/2010 6:40:53 PM

Great Person 
Pay her more, so that she stays with KRON. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK . LOTS OF LOVE
  7/1/2010 7:40:47 PM

New Comment 
Happened to catch the weather today. You looked wonderful! A class act.
  6/18/2010 9:06:00 PM

Reason to watch 
The only reason why I watch KRON!!! I especially enjoy the exchanges between Jacqueline and Gary when talking sports. A beautiful weather person and having sports "knowledge"! What more can a man ask???
  4/30/2010 7:11:18 PM

Hi Jacqueline, Wow! Watching KRON 4 more than ever mostly because of you. Today (04/30/10) you looked very comfortable, happy (& mmm!). Best wishes in your continued success. Best Regards, Your Friend Johnny
  4/30/2010 6:12:02 PM
randy in campbell 

im not a creep 
i like when you mess up in your reports, you try so hard not to laugh. great smile.
  4/28/2010 1:01:56 PM
Steve and Heather 

Thank you 
Every day that we see you as our weather reporter just seems to be better... You are lovely and charming. Hope to see more of you.
  4/24/2010 12:05:08 PM

New Comment 
Nice...very nice!!
  4/23/2010 5:27:59 PM

I can have a rough day. But when I see you MyDay brightenz.
  4/22/2010 6:32:23 PM

Hockey and Weather 
Who would have "thunk it" A female weather person AND intelligent hockey comments. Go SteelHeads!
  4/20/2010 5:32:24 PM
randy in campbell 

im not a creep 
damn girl... 6 stars!
  4/16/2010 4:41:17 PM 

Jac, I see you everyday and you are a beautiful woman, but today, 4/16/10, you looked 15 years younger. I have no idea how old you are but today you age was most apparent, you are a lot younger than I thought you are. Not to overlook that you are very good at what you do.
  4/15/2010 10:03:41 PM

Very Cute 
Hi Jacqueline, Your gorgeous! I love the way you stumble your words recently and then correct yourself. Very professional, friendly and hopefully you'll stick around. B.T.W. love your outfits. Regards, Your Friend Johnny
  4/10/2010 12:54:27 AM

Your Great 
Hi Jacqueline, I love the way you report the weather! Your professional and beautiful! Keep up the good work-- Robert!
  4/9/2010 10:41:48 AM

Your awesome 
Keep up the good work Jacqueline your beautiful
  4/2/2010 9:37:33 PM

new fan 
I first saw you a few days ago and i was very impressed by you. kron is number one having you there.
  3/30/2010 11:25:07 PM
Definitely NOT 'Anonymous' 

New Comment 
Jacqueline, Great Job-- and can you say 'Restraining Order' pertaining to 'Anonymous'? Anonymous: You're getting creepy...
  3/27/2010 7:03:59 PM

A Familiar Face 
It was a surprise to see you on 4 after watching you in ID. You're doing a great job. Good luck in your studies.
  3/24/2010 10:48:22 PM

Problems with Gary 
Jackie, Don't let Gary get away with anything. You and Pam have to stand up to him!
  3/13/2010 9:33:12 PM

Really like the weather here 
It looks just great.
  3/5/2010 2:19:20 PM
Scott Hoyt 

Positive Weather reports 
I am a golf course operator and the weather reports are vital to our operations during the winter time. Is the American Meteorological Society directive to always report any rain/showers in the forecast no matter how little? Why can the forecast not read or say there is an 85% chance that it will not rain versus there is a 15% chance of rain? Watching all the TV weather anchors, they seem so happy to predict rain. I am guessing that the vast majority of humans would prefer sun over rain. Why are they so happy to be able to predict rain? The weather reports and the weather services are the #1 thing looked at on all golf course websites (and probably all recreational industry websites). It kills our business just with the prediction of rain. Is it just wishful thinking on my part that I could get the weather people to rephrase their report? I would be interested in your comments
  3/3/2010 3:48:52 PM

New Comment 
Hello Jackie, You are doing a terrific job! I watch you every night. Great job Jackie. Suzanne Albers San Lorenzo
  2/26/2010 12:42:00 PM

no one does the weather forcast in bayarea the way you do Jackie.Pls stay!!! bay area
  2/23/2010 6:33:31 AM

Gets me ready for work 
I work graveyard,so I'm usually not in a great mood before leaving for work.Seeing you doing the weather just as I'm heading out the door is a great way to start my night.
  2/19/2010 12:25:35 PM

you look so hot on thurdays news with that low cut outfit and theres nothing wrong with your nose hot ouch" burning hot hot hot ......
  2/18/2010 6:18:43 PM

New Comment 
Hey Jacqueline - - WOW - - - did you ever look stunning Thursday night at 5:00!!! WOO HOO! Thanks for giving an old guy a thrill.
  2/17/2010 5:00:35 PM

Black Blazer 
Why do you always were a black blazer? Why dont you mix it up a little? I love your forcast though.
  2/12/2010 8:22:21 PM

GREAT weather report delivery 
Ms. Bennett, thank you for your excellent delivery of the weather news. I am often frustrated by the rambling style of weather people, and wish that weather reporters followed a careful script, the way anchors do. However, you deliver just what we need to know, quickly and efficiently, with an emphasis on the most important points. Your quick, crisp, succinct delivery are excellent. It is clear you prepare well for each newscast. Your bio doesn't say if you have a background in meteorology, but it sure seems that you do! Thanks for your excellent presentations and professionalism. I actually pay attention once again to the weather again when you're on! Thanks.
  1/29/2010 8:14:48 AM

makes my day 
what can i say, but you're the most beautiful anchor on bay area tv.
  1/20/2010 1:44:01 PM

about Jacqueline 
Awesome that she knows so much about sports! It's quite possible she would be a good sports reporter.
  1/15/2010 6:41:57 PM

New Comment 
Jacqueline adds total class to KRON's staff. You can have KTVU, KPIX she makes a non-science entertainment especially with Radich's bantor
  1/14/2010 8:48:10 AM

  1/8/2010 6:20:09 PM
Jim S 

You are doing an outstanding job. You present the weather in a much different way thank you. Brought me back to KRON.
  1/5/2010 6:08:40 PM

Love Jacqueline 
Jacqueline is the best from weather reports to her Hockey talk and is definitely a beauty
  1/3/2010 12:26:00 PM

New Comment 
Jacqueline, just want to say i have seen you grow in your job and confidence & profressionalism. Congratulations. hope u are here for a long time.
  12/30/2009 2:24:30 PM

heyy thnx for giving the bay area the best weather updats everrrr lol your hottttt
  12/18/2009 11:27:54 PM

New Comment 
Jacqueline delivers the weather in a very pleasant manner, & is definitately not hard on the eyes!
  12/9/2009 7:30:46 PM

Its so cold here 
Miss seeing you do the weather in Boise. You picked a good time to relocate.
  12/3/2009 10:05:23 AM

hey sunshine 
Jacqueline is the best weather. woman kron has had in a long time, oh and she is beautiful
  12/1/2009 12:09:23 AM

beautiful weather 
I work late at night and it's nice to watch makes my night shift full of sunshine..
  10/24/2009 5:12:50 PM

Great Weather! 
Hello fellow Matador! Great job covering the Bay Area weather. Go Halos
  10/23/2009 12:47:30 PM

brightens up my day ;]
  10/21/2009 8:22:30 PM

why did you leave 
boise the news is not the smae without you. isaw you when i was in san jose. i lived there for years and loved it. good luck
  10/10/2009 3:12:07 PM

Brighten my day 
It will always be a sunny day when you do the weather forecast :D
  9/25/2009 12:53:50 PM

nice weather 
jacqueline is 1 of the best anchors @ kron. 2 say the least she is very beautiful!!!!
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